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August Kreis

Unholy Alliance? Aryan Nations leader reaches out to al Qaeda

By Henry Schuster -- CNN
Editor's Note: Henry Schuster, a senior producer in CNN's Investigative Unit, has been covering terrorism for more than a decade. Each week in "Tracking Terror," he reports on the people and organizations driving international and domestic terrorism and efforts to combat those. He is the author of the newly published book, "Hunting Eric Rudolph."

SEBRING, Florida (CNN) -- A couple of hours up the road from where some September 11 hijackers learned to fly, the new head of Aryan Nation is praising them -- and trying to create an unholy alliance between his white supremacist group and al Qaeda.

"You say they're terrorists, I say they're freedom fighters. And I want to instill the same jihadic feeling in our peoples' heart, in the Aryan race, that they have for their father, who they call Allah."

With his long beard and potbelly, August Kreis looks more like a washed up member of ZZ Top than an aspiring revolutionary.

Don't let appearances fool you: his résumé includes stops at some of America's nastiest extremist groups -- Posse Comitatus, the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation.

"I don't believe that they were the ones that attacked us," Kreis said. "And even if they did, even if you say they did, I don't care!"

Kreis wants to make common cause with al Qaeda because, he says, they share the same enemies: Jews and the American government.

The terms they use may be different: White supremacists call them ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government, while al Qaeda calls them the Jews and Crusaders.

But the hatred is the same. And Kreis wants to exploit that.

A Nation in turmoil

The best thing that can be said about August Kreis is that he has helped preside over the decline of the once-feared Aryan Nation, a movement inspired by the racist tenets of Nazi Germany. He cannot or will not say how many followers the group now has.

What's clear is that Aryan Nation had a violent streak aligned with its anti-Semitic and racist ideology. One of its followers, Buford Furrow, received two life sentences, plus 110 years, for an August 1999 shooting spree in which he shot and wounded four children and one adult at a Jewish community center in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills. Furrow then drove to nearby Chatsworth, California, where he shot and killed a Filipino-American postal carrier.

Others had been accused of involvement in bank robberies, shootouts with authorities and the murders of blacks and others.

More recently, the Aryan Nation lost its Hayden Lake, Idaho, compound, after losing a civil suit led by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Last year, founder Richard Butler died just as the group's leaders were fighting amongst themselves.

Around that time, Kreis tried to open up shop for Aryan Nation in northern Pennsylvania, but got run out by locals. Now he is in Sebring, Florida, and, although his rhetoric is full of revolution and defiance, he wanted to meet our CNN crew at a local park because he didn't want trouble from his neighbors.

You might think white supremacists like Kreis would spurn al Qaeda, since they tend to view non-Aryan Christians as, in their own term, "mud people." In fact, most of them do. But Kreis wants to change that.

"That's old-school racism, white supremacy, this is something new," he said. "We have to be realists and realize what didn't work [previously] isn't going to work in the future."

Supremacist, Islamist connections

The idea of a Nazi-Islamic alliance dates back to World War II, when Adolf Hitler played host to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, that city's Muslim leader. Some Nazis, moreover, found refuge in places like Egypt and Syria after the war.

Three years ago, I met a Swiss Islamic convert named Ahmed Huber, who began his life as a devotee of Adolf Hitler and moved on to praising former Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini, who led that nation's Islamic revolution and vigorously opposed U.S. policies.

Huber wanted to forge a fresh alliance between Islamic radicals and neo-Nazis in Europe and the United States. And he cannot be simply dismissed as a crackpot: Huber served on the board of directors of a Swiss bank and holding company that President Bush accused of helping fund al Qaeda.

Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that while some U.S. extremists applauded the September 11 attacks, there is no indication of such an alliance -- at least not yet, and not on a large scale. If it exists anywhere, he said, it is in the mind (and the Internet postings) of August Kreis.

For its part, the FBI says it hasn't seen any links between American white supremacists and groups like al Qaeda.

"The notion of radical Islamists from abroad actually getting together with American neo-Nazis I think is an absolutely frightening one," said Potok. "It's just that so far we really have no evidence at all to suggest this is any kind of real collaboration."

So while August Kreis may be calling, there is no sign that al Qaeda is listening.

But that hasn't stopped him. As we ended our interview, we asked Kreis if he had any message for Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants.

"The message is, the cells are out here and they are already in place," Kreis said. "They might not be cells of Islamic people, but they are here and they are ready to fight."



Dealing August Kreis and We Don't.

What ZOG fears most are Muslim freedom-fighters allied with domestic freedom-fighters together targetting ZOG's strategic targets. Muslim money and White knowledge of strategic targets would make existence impossible for ZOG. Can you imagine 1,000 or even 100 Order cells not having to worry about money and having to 'confiscate' funding but rather spending their time attacking electricity generation and substation plants, derailing freight trains loaded with hazardous chemicals, assassinating lawyers, piglice, judges and their spawn, or merely spreading Chronic Wasting Disease?

ZOG sure can. ZOG isn't gonna be amused.

Kreis is largely chaotic and unable to get his Aryan Nations faction in order. He doesn't have much in the way of social skills, even dealing with our righteous Brethren. So he is no threat to us, but rather a thorn in ZOG's side. Kreis has cleverly stayed on the right side of the First Amendment to the Bill of Goods in not making any immanent threats of violence, but talking about probabilities which will eventually become likely. Will any clever raghead be caught dead talking to Kreis after Kreis has been on CNN/TalmudVision yapping about how he wants to do a deal with his 'Ishmaelite brothers?' Is Kreis so very stupid or suicidal that he is going to cut a deal with an unknown Osama Bin Dune-coon most likely a FiBbIe? I greatly doubt it. All Kreis has done is cleverly scare ZOG, put ideas into minds of Muslim radicals that yes, they shall have to sacrifice a few political operatives making 'First Contact' with the underground cells of the Resistance, but the results will be satisfactory to both sides, and most importantly to Kreis, advance his own self as a 'leader' of Christian Identity when politically and religiously he is no such thing.

Rather clever of Kreis. I didn't know that Kreis was that smart. Or desperate.

By all means, let Kreis do the shock-work in scaring ZOG. The bunch have been trying to get this publicity for years, and I see no reason for us to piss on their parade. After all, they serve a useful function as wannabe martyrs, saying "Look at me! Look at me! Shoot me now, shoot me now!!" ZOG will have to then pull another Waco, this time against vengeful 'religious fanatics' who play rough, not race-mixed Davidian goofballs. I don't think ZOG has the political muscle to do anything right now over what it simply must in reaction to survive. So ZOG will crack down on 'extremists' storing a lot of guns here and there, and has in readiness a super 9-11 in order to crack down for the last time, but no readiness or inclination for implimenting a mid-range Waco or OKC which will dissipate both reaction and counter-reaction.

Our job as workers for the Church of the Sons of YHWH/Legion of the Saints is to bring about local growth in our areas of local responsibility. Those of us who are Klansmen quietly get any local Klans on our side. Those of us who are politicians get their base activated. We ordain local pastors, establish local churches and seminaries, we run political candidates, we write up local articles detailing local and state corruption. We are setting up a national network of Christian soldiers and activists one White man and one White family at a time in our local areas of responsibility. We are not in a holding pattern or waiting for someone to die, but rather building a Church and an Army patiently like was done after Christ's death and like was done in the 40's-70's by Gerald Smith, Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet and Pastor Butler in his prime. Let's keep our eye on what we want to do and how we will go about doing it, as opposed to what the Kreis/ Internut circus might or might not be doing. It's not as if we have any influence over what Kreis is going to do in any case, so why pretend otherwise or even worry about that which we cannot control in any case?

Remember, Pastor Butler wasn't able to do anything with Kreis during Butler's last years. Kreis didn't obey Pastor Butler or respect our unspoken religious/political hierarchy and chain of command. Kreis is his own 'lone wolf' with his own wolfpack, and thus not of our flock of the Found sheep of the House of Israel. Rather than take any responsibility for Kreis's activities, let's do what Pastors Swift and Butler did in simply building up their Church, one convert at a time. That is the job of our Church of The Sons of YHWH, as well as that of the Legion of the Saints.

Martin Lindstedt
Missouri Contact, Legion of the Saints



Can't have an Aryan Nations without a Dual-Seedline Church

This is borderline "movement drama" forum material, but nonetheless I must say that August Kreiss's "Aryan Nations" "group" is NOT the true Aryan Nations successor organization to Pastor Butler's Aryan Nations. So, it is incorrect for the news article to draw a thread of connection and therefore imply legitimate succession from Aryan Nations, Church of Jesus Christ Christian, Pastor Butler's organization, to August Kreiss.

Pastor Butler's Aryan Nations/CJCC is still viable, and still around, although they are not accepting new members and are taking a more low-key approach, following his death. I'm not giving away any secrets when I mention that they are governed by a board of four officers, and that they are close allies of White Revolution.

Chairman Billy Roper of

The Kreis/Wickstrom faction isn't going anywhere. Juba quit earlier this month. Wickstrom would have risen to the top, except for the fact that he is living in sin with another minister's wife, and it is impossible to be a member of our Church, much less a pastor or leader when one is engaged in an open violation of YHWH's Law. Kreis is regarded as a blowhard and a media chaser. Nobody much has heard of their new Pastor Farber, but he is regarded as a lightweight, and not old enough to be lawfully a Deacon in the Church, much less an elder or Pastor. One has to be a family man, devout, and of mature age and somewhat of a scholar to be ordained an elder, much less a pastor.

It's just that Rick Spring and his three or four others are not going anywhere without the Church behind them. The Aryan Nations came well after the Church (1975) and is the political arm of the Church; The Church as the Dual-Seedline Body of Christ is not the religious arm of the Aryan Nations. When Pastor Butler died, and did not need a bodyguard, any titles and offices reverted back to the Church, i.e. the Found sheep of the House of Israel. Anyone can claim to be 'Aryan Nations' just as anyone can claim to be a Klan, but such declarations are only valid if there is a genuine support of the rank and file, in this case, the aboveground Dual-Seedline activists. For anyone who is not Dual-Seedline to promote any Aryan Nations faction over another will be received as warmly as myself, a non-member of the World Church of the Creator, choosing their next Pontifex Maximus. It simply isn't done.

Pastor Butler didn't name a successor. Jeremy Parker, who owns the rights to Butler's web page, Pastor Gerhardt, the family of Neuman Britton, the followers of Ray Redfearn, sundry Klansmen and small-family congregation pastors, political activists like myself and others have regretfully passed over Pastor Wickstrom and chosen the next in line, Pastor Morris Gulett to be our Chief Pastor. This was in line with reality, just as Clifton Emahiser is recognized by his work which made his reputation as the top DS-CI scholar. Once Pastor Butler died, the mantle passed to a younger generation and while Pastor Gulett wasn't our first choice, Gulett was chosen as one was without major sin, was energetic, had experience necessary for today, was by no means perfect, but was able to be Butler's successor today, right now, and who has undertaken the responsibility to try to work to fill Butler's shoes. This election was not taken by vote, but rather by consensus by the aboveground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity members and activists, who chose, according to our unwritten Law written upon our Christian Israelite hearts, the best of the Pastors available to us at this time. If Pastor Gulett develops a moral problem which renders him unqualified to be Chief Pastor, then he will be replaced. Pastor Gulett is made quite aware of that fact. Dual-Seedline morality finds nothing immoral about advocating or killing the enemies of YHWH, like ZOG's piglice, race-traitors, criminal regimeists, or rats, but rather we look upon such men as heroes, cf. Ray Redfearn.

We have no quarrel with White Nationalists outside the Christian Identity Resistance. However, it is us, and us alone, who determines and selects our Leadership, who will be priviledged to be Our Servant and Our Pastor, not those outside our Faith. Any outside White Nationalists who would work with us must respect our decisions in this matter.

Four men claiming to be Aryan Nations who are cut off from the Church, who do not even have a religious leader -- and there has always been a separation of the Church and the secular Authority in both Ancient and Christian Israel -- are simply without both religious and secular political authority. Like Kreis and Juba, they can claim whatever they please, but their claims are hollow.

Of course White Revolution can have as allies those the WR leadership pleases. But the reality is that there cannot be a political wing of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity believers without a congregation. I suggest that WR act in line with political and religious reality, not an arrangement that died with Pastor Butler.

Martin Lindstedt
Missouri State Contact, Church of the Sons of YHWH/Legion of the Saints




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