Man arrested after disturbance during board of aldermen meeting

By Melissa DeLoach
Globe Staff Writer

GRANBY, Mo. -- A rural Granby man faces misdemeanor charges after he reportedly exceeded his time limit during a meeting of the Granby Board of Aldermen.

Police Chief Brandon Beshears said he arrested Martin Lindstedt after he continued to protest despite the fact that his time before the board had expired Tuesday night.

Lindstedt was protesting what he called the "unlawful placement" of a double-wide mobile home in a neighboring residence. He also had been scheduled to address the board about the Granby Police Department and one of its officers, but his time expired, according to Beshears.

Lindstedt refused to leave the meeting and put up a struggle with officers even after they placed him in handcuffs, Beshears said.

Authorities said Lindstedt was being held in jail Wednesday pending the filing of charges.

"He has always got a comment to make, and usually he'll throw it out and shut up, but this time he continued to carry on," the police chief said.

Beshears filed paperwork Wednesday with the Newton County prosecuting attorney's office that included potential charges of obstructing a government meeting, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

Newton County officials referred the charges to the Granby city attorney for prosecution because the offenses are misdemeanors. .


Notes & Commentary:

1. This is why most people view the output of jewspapers as being nothing more than gliberal jew and regime-criminal drivel. The jewplin Glob as well as the Neosho Daily Douche really exist to do nothing more than to tell what the piglice and regime criminals thieving at the pubic trough want the ZOGling whigger herd animals to 'know.' In this case an exceptionally twisted in both 'mind' and body, named Brandon Beshears, who functions as the Chief of Piglice specifically because of his ability and willingness to perjure hisself in order to feed the Granby municipal kort and act as the muscle for the corrupt feebs at City Hall. Beshears has been complained about for his crookedness to the Joplin FBI Office and several times before the Granby municipal kort, but nothing has been done simply because a corrupt regime needs its piglice muscle to try to stave off Revolution. Of course the jewsmedia is filled with these lying whores who tell the feebs that all is well in this, the best possible of ZOG worlds.

Usually, Dena Sloan, a.k.a. Dena-the-beaner-Hyena, usually covers these events and always with lies when I am present, but this time the jewplin Glob found some other sorry excuse for a jewspaper reporter. She was there, along with Emery Styron for his jewspaper, and the journalist/owner of the Newton County News. They all sat, like shocked sheep, as the events unfolded. Emery Styron at least had some balls to go outside after my false for the story but the sight of the two piglice, Beshears and Chris Moreland, scared him off. In any case, the end result of the jewsmedia is some safe for the regime story which whigger ass-clowns will read and actually believe precisely because they are ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. The absurdities which follow are only believable to indoctrinated edjewcated feebs with the will of sheep.

Of course, I have a Web page of my own, which is often watched more than the Neosho Daily Douche web page. And my readership consists of both regime criminals and Revolutionaries. So I have a means of putting forward my views to counter the jewsmedia and piglice lies. Beshears, Moreland, Granby regime criminals, Newton County Sheriff's piglice -- all read my web page for what I shall say about them, and Beshears, Moreland, the elderly jailer Stevenson -- all whined that I called for the extermination of regime criminals and they's spawn. However, since I hadn't mentioned Stevenson, this stupid, fat, old thieving pig who spawned another ex-Granby and current Newton County pig even more degenerate, stupid and dishonest than hisself assumed, correctly, that when I talk of exterminating regime criminals, making them bite off the testicles of their male spawn and shoving them into a dog food can, and making their female spawn into lobotomized walking wombs to breed a 'New Aristocracy' for the New Revitalized Master Race, that I was talking about him. I love to hear pigs squeal when they see the long knives before being butchered, especially the two-legged kind.

Now I contacted this idiotic jewspaper cunt at the jewplin Glob, and of course she didn't return my telephone calls. Nor did the Neosho Daily Douche, judenpresse. Nor did Scott Watson, and all I wanted was this lying regime criminal who lets Bill Dobbs run wild stealing my grandchildren to do was make the Newton County Sheriff's return the VHS videocamera, tripod and videocassette evidence. .


Notes and Commentary:


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