31 Dec 2017 — We fight to destroy the Mighty Evil ZOG Empire, not for the figments of a CONstipational RePub[l]ic

We fight to destroy the Mighty Evil ZOG Empire, not for the figments of a CONstipational RePub[l]ic


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White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump


I think everyone with an IQ over 70 realizes that the Duh-nulled will *NEVER* have the good sense, let alone the GUTS to start any such paramilitary force, but will simply go the way of Nixon or JFK, as the case may be.

Covington, being a writer of political fiction by trade, can’t help but speculate about such things, perhaps just engaging in wishful thinking out loud. Or, in light of his most recent podcast, perhaps he is simply trying to preemptively cover his ass, in case of another John Hinckley.

The conclusion I have personally come to, however, is that the Powers That Be actually put Trump into power as revolution insurance, and to buy themselves a little more time, but that the plan, from the beginning, was for Trump to be impeached, and for that to trigger the race war, so that THEY didn’t take the blame, should Swillary have won the election, and the race war started prematurely. Trump is simply playing his role, and when his time has come to leave, he’ll leave, and that’ll be it.

Besides, it looks like he’s about to DACA-fuck us all, anyway, whether over the next couple of days, or in January, so FUCK HIM. He is *NOT* worth spilling our blood for. 

White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump.


Glad to see that you have responded to some of the material I put up from outside sources, be it Hair-old Covington or Matt-oid Parrott of the Traditional jewth ZOG false-f[l]ag Party.

I sorta supported the God/ZOG-Emperor// Dog-ZOG Humperor Trump Da Chump because mainly He wasn’t the Evil Cunt Hildebeest. After all it never was other than two choices: Trump or Swillery. And I was so happy when the stupid Hi-Yaller Faggot Yid-Muzzie Kenyan Nigger beat the whiggress cunt Swillary back in 2008. So if I am glad that a stupid goofy nigger beat Swillery then I’m sure glad as hell that the First Whigger Ass-Clown won in 2016.

Let’s also understand something. I’ve never thought for more than a few seconds that Trump would build his Wall much less run off 11 or 20 or 40 million beaners and muds. Sure Trump doesn’t like them at all, given that he said that “All Haitians have GAIDS” and “How are you gonna make them Niggerians go back to living in a grass hut in Apefreaka?” Trump is the spawn of his daddy, Fred Trump, wh dabbled in Klan activities and built houses for working class whiggers on Long Island and jew Jerseey.

Rather, the Dog-Humperor’s primary purpose was acting like a wrecking ball, not so much against the Demonocrats but against the Khannedservantive Republicucks. Anyone who has been an open White Supremacist candidate for either federal or state office learns quick that his greatest enemies are not the local or state Democrat Party who thinks that all whiggers are raycisst and wants to smear all Republicucks with “White Supremacist” you but the Republicucks, who need the White racist rural and small-town whigger vote but want nothing to do with openly racist you much less paying off their needed voters. Rather they will try to denounce you for White Racism while not daring denounce the 3-5 % of racist white voters they need. This was especially the case in Missouri from 2000 to 2010 when statewide [s]elections were decided by less than two percentage points. So the Republicucks view racist whigger votes as belonging to them but that they don’t need to actually feed their racist whiggr cattle.

Now Trump was rather cunning. When David ‘the Duck of Deaf’ Duke openly supported Trump in Feb 2016, Trump pretended that he didn’t know who the Duck was until after Super Tuesday gave him the primary votes of South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma from small-town and rural White males who knew damn well who David Duck was and knew that Trump knew who the Duck was as well. Trump didn’t denounce “us” as White Men but rather made the pretense that we would all be working together to build that Wall if we [s]elected Trump. I specially liked to hear the nigger, jewboy and lesboskank presstitutes screetch like they were getting a hot running-iron shoved up theys’ poop-chutes because Trump was getting away with that two-faced lying shit at the time. Someone like myself played along as the newbies in the bowel Movement like Bradifer Griffin, the Matt-oids, Andre the nigger Anglin who actually believed that Trump would “Make Amurri’kwa/ZOG Grate Again.” “Well, we shall see about that shit as it is like promising to get a ten-inch dick of death if we voat for Trump as I’ll go along with that shit in principle but not really believe it until I see it and then get try it on the old lady for a bit.”

Now none of us expected Trump to win. We were going to use Trump getting the [s]election stole from “us” as pretend die-hard Trump supporters. We were going to justify engaging in civil war because “we wuz robbed.” Anything and everything is to be used as a pretext for destroying ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

Having been cooped-up in the NutHouse with jews and niggers and beaners I know how they ‘think’.

These mud animals have only two emotions to the White Man: Fear and/or Hatred.

They fear White Men because they know that you get one of us backed into a corner we will revert to rampaging controlled berserkers who will destroy the foundations of their very lives. After all, they can’t even feed theysselfs, which is why they are here in the ZOGland in order to feed and breed and rob and rape and kill whigger sheep. They are so scared shitless of us White Men that they mistake whiggers for White Men. I myself have noted that when I speak as a political candidate that neither jews nor niggers nor beaners nor gooks nor even whiggers are in the least surprised by what I have to say. Rather they are disappointed because they thought that my kind had all died out thirty years ago. They think that reflexive racism is bred in our very bones, which it is. Which is why they seek to kill every last one of us except for a few socially gelded whiggers left as slaves in a museaum.

I remember this nigger in Columbia Missouri after the LibberToon Executive Party meeting was over. I had written for 1996 about “Always using the Tool Which Works: Violence” for my ‘zine “The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian.” This nigger got all pissed at me calling Martin Loofer Kong a nigger and was trying to coonvince me and these whiggers at the bar that this nigger had “a right” to beat my ass. I told the nigger that it better not be stupid enough to try and so it whined about it a while and how whiggers owed niggers an ass-beating. Nne of the whiggers at the bar sided with the nigger even though they didn’t side with me either.

In any case, White Survival means that ZOG /Babylon the Third and Final needs to be destroyed. So how do we create our own Fart Sumner? I suggest is that we let the “Deep ZOG State” impeach or coup against the ZOG-Emperor / Dog-Humperor Trump all they want, and then when they have finished destroying ZOG’s very reason for existence, theyz’ precious toilet-paper CONstipation & Bill of Goods then there is nothing keping their Mighty Evil Empire together. It was the stolen Garments of Power of Adam and Eve which Ham stole aboard the Ark which gave power over all the two-legged Beasts of the Field which Nimrod had that allowed him to rule over Babylon. After the confoundment of tongues, then Father Shem cutting Nimrod / Osirus into 13 pieces which scattered all the Nations, the Garments of Power disappeared. It seems that the CONstitpation is a false relic which enslaves us Whites. Once the jews and race-traitor whiggers tear such asunder will we not all go our own way?

Will we not be ruled by Ten Thousand Warlords?

So how do we get there from here?

I suggest that we have nothing keeping us together. And thus let the Dog-Humperor be the very last President of the jewnited Snakes. Let the Clinton Archipelago which hasn’t the food or the energy to survive much less keep the niggers, jews, beaners, gooks or scalawag whiggers up in the style such have grwn accustomed to. Let the red-state whiggers grow restive, then rebellious as their paper shackles are torn off by despised blue-state regime criminals.

What I see and hear is the whining about the lack of ‘jewnity.’

We are not ‘our’ Dog-Humperor’s keeper. Let there be a Deep-State ZOG coup by retards.

White Survival shall result from ZOG being torn apart in chaos and lawlessness. What we should do is to ride the Wave of Chaos soon to becum Incarnate.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri’

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